Nancy Harper

Living healthy throughout our lives is something we all want. Your genes, doctors, and nutritional norms don’t provide a good road map for healthy living.

Wendy Reeves takes a different approach; individual, holistic and natural. I lost 40 pounds, my Lymphedema is gone and now have a light-filled life. By following Wendy’s guidance and protocol, I eliminated dairy, grains and sugar with ease because I had no cravings for them. I now grocery shop and cook smart. When socializing I make the best choices and enjoy. February 2019.

Mike R.

I started working with Wendy after spending several years competing in triathlons and marathons – I was frustrated with my inability to recover after training sessions and my overall stamina.  Wendy conducted a full evaluation and recommended a number of supplements.  In addition, Wendy educated me around the real contents of many ‘healthy’ food items, leading me to convert to a chemical free, organic diet.  After several months working with Wendy I found my quality of sleep, overall health and training stamina/recovery was vastly improved.  I subsequently ran the Houston marathon and beat my personal best by nearly 10 minutes.  I highly recommend the nutritional and natural health services offered by THL.

G. Coop

I’ve loved working with Wendy to restore my body to health.  Her approach correctly dealt with my condition after 18 months of illness and visits to several other doctors.  I was dealing with severe fatigue, my illness was affecting my sleep and impaired my ability to work full time or exercise regularly.  I had been incorrectly diagnosed with chronic fatigue and sleep apnea by my doctor.

Wendy is a very caring practitioner and she truly listens to you.  Her approach was very thorough and was end-to-end.  I had a strong desire to learn more about how to heal my body and I have learned so much from Wendy – she always has time for my questions.  I am much more in tune with my body’s signals and I look at my health in a new way.  Working with Wendy has been transformative!

Sarah Evans

When I came to THL I was frustrated with the failure of diet, exercise, and traditional medicine to correct the mysterious health problems I had been having for about 5 years. For 3 years my doctor tested my blood, told me that my vitamin D levels were still too low, and continued prescribing 50,000 mg of vitamin D. She told me that my lifestyle wasn’t causing my high blood pressure, that it was “probably just genetic.” I had no energy, and continued to feel tired and out of sorts and I was retaining 15+ lbs. of water despite diet and exercise.

After two years, I still continued to gain water weight and feel sick. I knew that my doctor was just treating symptoms. Eating clean did help me feel better, but it was impossible for me to maintain such a strict diet and I continued to have the respiratory problems.

I went to THL to begin my journey to wellness and saw immediate results. Within the first week the respiratory problems went away. They helped with my underlying magnesium/calcium deficiency which had prevented vitamin D absorption and elevated blood pressure. Finally, I was able to talk to someone who agreed that I was as sick as I felt, even though to all traditional, outward appearances I was “healthy.”

After three months, I no longer needed to be on blood pressure medicine or the devastating dosages of vitamin D my doctor had prescribed. I was able to reintroduce some foods into my diet and return to a more grain/vegetable based diet that I prefer to be on for my own well-being. They identified the root cause for my water retention which was heavy metal toxicity and began a natural detoxification process.

Although my journey back to health isn’t complete, I know that I’m on the right track. I know that we are addressing the underlying causes of my illness and that I will be able to return my active, carefree lifestyle in time.

L. L.

My whole family which includes myself, a husband and two young kids have all benefited from working with Wendy. I am no longer on thyroid medicine, my daughter no longer as allergies, my son has better behavior and my husband has healed his gut to name a few of the benefits we’ve seen. And we all have really great immune systems now. If you have any health issues you just are not getting the results you want, I suggest giving Wendy a try. She really works to get to the root of the problem not just “put a band-aid on it.”

Liz K.

Wendy’s new space in the Heights literally energized me on my visit today. I have been working with her since the inception of THL and feel like I can always count on and trust her with my body. Her practice is very professional and loving.  I won’t see anyone else for my health and wellness needs! I HIGHLY recommend her!