The Evolution Weight Loss Program is a unique plan for individuals who have had difficulty losing weight and are searching for a safer, healthier solution. This is a holistic solution that we have personally tested.

Weight management, like most major lifestyle changes, is not a do-it-yourself activity. Your practitioner will provide support and accountability during the entire program to ensure your success.

When done right, alongside an experienced practitioner, you can look forward to solid results and a complete body transformation. Our Customized Health Transformation clients, who have transitioned to this program, have seen incredible success.


How to Get Started

Before beginning the program, you will meet with a practitioner for a pre-screen appointment to determine if your current health condition can support the program. If approved and with the help of the practitioner, you will determine which program is right for you then select the duration of either a 23-day or 42-day program.

There are 2 program options:

  • Lean Body Protocol
  • Active Body Protocol
Initial Consultation & Assessment

Before beginning the program, you will meet with a practitioner for a pre-screen appointment to determine if your current health condition can support the program. If approved and with the help of the practitioner, you will determine which program is right for you then select the duration of either a 23-day or 42-day program.

Required weekly follow-up appointments, during the low calorie and maintenance phases, are designed to closely monitor hormone and blood sugar levels, sleeping patterns, and to check that existing health problems are stable.

You will benefit from six follow-up sessions in the 23-day program and nine sessions during the 42-day program. We want your body to be completely and safely supported throughout the process, focusing on reducing or eliminating side effects, and determining if the diet and protocol are being adhered to in order to experience the best possible outcome.

Additional supplements may be required and are not included in the appointment costs noted above.

Detox Phase and Calorie Restricted Phase

A comprehensive homeopathic detoxification phase is vital in preparing the body for any intense weight management program. Without proper detox, the long-term success of the protocol is at risk and increased side effects may arise. Typically, substances such as heavy metals or other toxins are deposited into the body’s non-essential fat reserves then removed from circulation. However, during any weight loss program, the fat that is dissolved begins to release these toxins into the bloodstream. This increased flow of toxins can overwhelm the body’s elimination systems, therefore providing the proper support is extremely important in maintaining a strong immune system.

The calorie-restricted diet phase offers two client-specific protocols; lean body or active lifestyle.

  • The lean body protocol is for clients whose primary focus is to reduce total weight, those who do not exercise regularly or do not have a lifestyle or job that requires extensive physical activity. Clients with >25 BMI and high body fat percentage do best.
  • The active body protocol is for clients who have less significant weight loss goals and lead a more active lifestyle. Primary focus is continued muscle building while losing fat. These clients have a moderately active lifestyle, are healthy enough to begin a moderate exercise program, or whose job requires significant physical activity.

During this phase the body is experiencing a transition, consequently, supplements are introduced that are designed to help control hunger symptoms, uncomfortable side effects, or emotional cravings. Included in these are h2acg Evolution drops, which have homeopathic ingredients and provide better appetite support, hypothalamus support, is longer-lasting and has fewer side effects.

Maintenance Phase

Maintenance is another critical phase of the program. If not done correctly or without the support of a practitioner, it is highly likely that weight gain will result. During this phase, you will begin physical activity or enhance your workout regimen. As well as, increase your caloric intake that will maintain your ideal goal weight. We will reintroduce foods that were previously eliminated, however continuing to avoid sugars and starches. Keeping track of calorie intake and portion size is essential during this phase.

Lifestyle Phase

The lifestyle phase is about committing to yourself and your long-term health. By continuing to make healthy diet choices you will set yourself up for long-term weight management success. By now you have learned how to make quality food choices and have experienced how good your body feels when doing so. Maintaining long-term success is possible with the right tools. We will continue to be available to address hormone imbalances, food sensitivities, or other factors that may affect your maintenance goals.


What is the Evolution Weight Program?

It is based on world-famous endocrinologist Dr. Simeons’ original HCG diet protocol.  Since then much research has been done and hA2cg has come about.  It is important to understand that the human body has three types of fat; structural, essential and non-essential, considered “abnormal”.  Non-essential fat accumulates around the hips, thighs, waist, stomach, buttocks, arms, back upper chest and neck. They are not released during normal diet and exercise, but are retained as “emergency” reserves.  They are released, however, during periods of inadequate caloric intake or during pregnancy.  Effective weight loss protocols for calorie-restricted diets are based on that significant finding.

More can be learned on Dr. Simeons’ research by reading Pounds and Inches.

What is involved in the pre-screen appointment and what is its purpose?

First you must complete an intake form prior to pre-screen appointment.  Practitioner will review your intake form and assess overall current state of health.  Those with significant health challenges cannot undertake the weight management program (WMP) without first working to resolve these challenges.  Based on the pre-screen appointment you will either be approved to commence the WMP or your practitioner will recommend a different wellness program to address existing health challenges before starting the WMP.  Regardless, your pre-screen charge will be applied as a credit to your next appointment.

Why are weekly appointments required?

These weekly appointments are required to ensure regular assessment of progress and to provide coaching and dietary corrections to ensure maximum program effectiveness.  In addition, WMP participants typically have questions and these sessions are opportunities to talk through any concerns.  In our experience, WMP participants who fail to commit to weekly follow-up appointments also fail to commit themselves to other aspects of the program and typically fall short of their goals.  As a result, participation in the WMP is contingent upon commitment to weekly check-in appointments.

What are the side-effects of following this program?

The first few days of the WMP can be challenging as you adjust to a new eating regimen, however, with support from your practitioner you will rapidly find this new routine easy to follow.  Participants typically do not experience any physical side-effects, occasionally participants experience mild hunger, fatigue or changes in sleep patterns all of which would be addressed and resolved during weekly follow-up sessions.

What kind of supplements will I be taking while on this program?

Every program participant receives a WMP ‘kit’ as part of the program – this kit includes a number of all natural supplements:

-HCG (a liquid homeopathic designed to support the body during the calorie restricted phase of the program and to cause accelerated consumption of existing body fat for energy production),

-CRAVE (a daily pill designed to moderate food cravings),

-Appetite Control (a liquid homeopathic designed to support appetite control),

-Comprehensive Detox (a liquid homeopathic set which encourages flushing of toxins from the body)

Some program participants may require additional supplementation during the program, for instance blood sugar support, digestive support etc.  Any additional supplementation will be identified by your practitioner and are not included in the program pricing.

What will my calorie intake be during the calorie restricted phase of the program?

For those following the Lean Body protocol, your caloric intake will be 500 per day, with physical activity limited to 20 minutes of walking per day.

For those following the Active Body protocol, your caloric intake will be 1000 per day, with 30 minutes of moderate physical activity required at least 5 times per week.

What kinds of foods will I be eating during the calorie restricted phase of my program?

A specific range of fruits and vegetables.

Lean proteins, including poultry, fish, seafood and lean red meats.

Fat consumption during the calorie restricted phase is minimal – ideally zero.

How much weight do program participants typically lose?

On the 23-day program clients have typically lost approximately 15 pounds.

On the 42-day program clients have typically lost 25 pounds or more.